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Trampoline Tent

trampoline tent

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The concept of the trampoline tent ranges from simple child versions all the way up to large sophisticated types. Browse all trampoline tents here.

The trampoline tent shown here is an example of a children’s style trampoline tent. This one is the Bazoongi Tree House Trampoline Tent for 7.5-Feet Jump Pod. Read more about them, or buy them here.

The kids will love it. Simple as that. A great safety device to keep the kids from falling off. This tent has windows on the sides to keep an eye on them as well.

Some customers have reported that the set up instructions are a bit confusing, but once it is installed everything seems ok.

Not the most durable tent in the world, but durable enough to provide the intended use.

My Conclusion: For the price and hours of entertainment for the kids, it is a good choice, but you can browse the other options for more durability, or for more “adult” trampoline tent versions.

jumpsport bigtop trampoline tent

They call this one the JumpSport Big Top trampoline tent. It has a no pole safety design, which is self explanatory.

It measures 11 feet across and 5.5 feet in height. It features three windows and one door.

It will fit on a round trampoline measuring 12 feet to 14 feet. Kids can have a fun bouncy sleep over inside this 8 sided tent. It sleeps 4 or 5 children, depending on their size of course.

Click the image of this trampoline tent to find more details about this one or to browse through many others.

You will also find more camera angles and customer feedback comments both good and bad.

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