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Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

If you are bored of the same old same old messages in the fortune cookies you receive at a restaurant or with your take-out, the Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are for you! 

The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies are the reverse of what you would expect from the Chinese food restaurant. Also known as “misfortune cookies”!

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies come in an authentic looking Chinese food take-out box, containing 10 unique “fortunes” inside of 10 fortune cookies.

unfortunate fortune cookies

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Unfortunate Fortune Cookies

The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies taste just like the real thing, because they ARE the real thing. has these custom made by an actual fortune cookie manufacturer.

The Unfortunate Fortune Cookies come with the following items:
- 1 Authentic looking Chinese food take-out box.
- 10 Unfortunate Fortune Cookies
- 10 Unique “Unfortunate Fortunes”

More Unfortunate Fortune Cookies information 

unfortunate fortune cookie example cat

One example of the Unfortunate Fortune Cookies, is the “You Just Ate Cat” fortune.

All 10 fortunes are PG rated, and do not include cursing or anything sexual in nature.

So although they are a big surprise, you don't need to worry about the receiver getting one that is overly offensive or inappropriate. unfortunate fortune cookies individually wrapped

Unfortunate Fortune Cookies come individually wrapped. Makes for a great prank gift, as the packaging does not reveal the “secret”.

unfortunate fortune cookies revealed

Spoiler Alert!! If you don't want to know what these say and you want to be surprised, then quickly look away and do not read any further!! 1. Shame on you for thinking a cookie is psychic.
2. You just ate cat.
3. You need a mint. Like, bad.
4. Rizaelnig you can raed this mepsislled fnurote wlil be the hgihgliht of yuor day.
5. Someone ahead of you in line will pay with check.
6. Here are the winning numbers for September 3, 2010: 4,8,15,16,23,42.
7. Psst! They’re being paid to love you.
8. This cookie fell on the ground.
9. Error 404:Fortune not found.
10. Pigeon poop burns the retina for 13 hours. You will learn this the hard way.

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