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USB Pet Rock and Pet Rock Accessories

If you are looking for a weird product or a unique gift idea, and you need something for someone that has everything, then this is for you.

I can pretty much guarantee you that whoever you are buying a gift for, does not already have one of these. If they do already have a USB Pet Rock like this, then I guess they can have a pair, and have their rocks play together.

The USB Pet Rock comes in a box and plugs directly into your USB port.

Get One here! (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny percent of the sale if you clicked and bought something. Thank you!)

What is the USB Pet Rock?

The famous pet rock took the world by storm many decades ago. Of course, by "take by storm" I mean many people were fooled into paying hard earned money for a natural occurring object that is easily obtained quickly and for free.

Time to take the pet rock into the 21st century with the new aged USB powered pet rock. This isn't your Grandpa's pet rock (unless you are buying this for your grandpa).

If you haven't figured it out yet, just like the pet rocks of the 1970's, this one basically does nothing. It does not store anything, and it does not draw power. The older generation will appreciate it, and the younger generation will look at you with confused looks on their faces.

On the bright side, it does not require feeding or watering. However, it may be able to fetch your slippers for you with just the right amount of training.

It comes with a rock attached to a USB cable, and a cool box with holes in it so your pet rock won't suffocate during delivery. Your pet rock will also have a nice little comfortable nest to sleep on inside the box.

This is only one version of a variety of silly pet rock concepts available these days. Check out others or just read through the many hilarious comments. more details...

How Does the USB Pet Rock Work, and What Does it Do?

It is a simple plug and play device that works the instant you plug it in, and doesn't require hours searching online for updated drivers to install. It will last forever, so long as the USB cable continues to work properly. It's perfect for anybody regardless of their technical expertise. Anyone can operate it from a young tech savvy intern, all the way to your grandmother who barely knows how to turn on a computer. There are no complicated buttons or switches to operate, as you simply plug it in, and let it work automatically. This high tech pet rock brings the old school 1970s version of the toy, into the 21st century and beyond. What a wonderful time to be alive.

Fully compatible with all versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Can be used on most devices, but not all. Pretty much any computer that has a standard USB port (you will need multiple USB ports if you are buying a whole litter of pet rocks, and not just one). Works with any desktop, laptop etc.

It never needs to be charged. Your pet rock will come with a full charge right out of the box, and it will stay at the same level of charge for the duration of your ownership, whether it remains plugged in or not.

In my view, the number one use and benefit of the USB rock, is it's ability to move your computers operational speed into the future at a rate of exactly 1 minute per minute.

No word yet on if further versions are in the works, such as an upgrade to the use of HDMI.

How Do I take Care of my USB Pet Rock?

Don't let the fact that it's a pet scare you. Your potted plants in the living room require a lot more love and attention. The USB rock is a fairly self contained and independent creature. It is not being used to it's full potential unless you have it plugged in, but even if it's unplugged, it will be just fine. I will point out, that having the rock plugged in and laid out in plain view on the desk in your office, will all but guarantee an increase in petting, love, and general affection by your fellow co-workers. There is no scientifically proven way to know for sure if the extra attention has a positive effect, the jury is still out on that, and I believe many more studies need to be done, but it definitely can't hurt.

Can I take my Pet Rock for a Walk? Is it Safe for the Outdoors?

You can absolutely take your pet rock for a walk, and it is totally safe outdoors, in fact, outside the house is it's natural habitat, however, I would caution that the USB cable itself could be at risk of damage due to severe weather conditions. This could cause your rock to under perform. If you insist on taking the rock out to see it's cousins, I would recommend the following alternative, but related product.

pet rock with walk leash to take for a walk funny gag gift.
This Pet Rock is not USB compatible, but you can walk it.

This version of the pet rock, is unfortunately, not the USB version, but it does come with a leash to keep it by your side, and keep it constrained so it can't go after other rocks. As you can see from the picture, the leash is made with only the best, and highest grade material for maximum effectiveness. More Details...

Could I make My Own Homemade USB Pet Rock?

Do you have a cable, a rock, and some glue?

In fact, I have an important update to this product page. It seems as though availability of this product has been lacking the last few years, so I decided to investigate. I emailed the patent holder of the Pet Rock and asked if they will be making the USB Pet Rock, and they graciously emailed me back and said they will not be making this product anymore as the Pet Rocks do not like to be tethered.

So it seems, you just may have to order the original pet rock, then get a USB cable separately and attach it before gifting it to a friend. It will still be funny.

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