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Nifty Vortex Bank 2 - Centrifugal Force Spinning Coin Piggy Bank (Demo and Where to Buy)

Bring the fun of those swirly donation coin things to your own home. Play with it over and over again. But don't stop donating to charity though.

Your friends will also have fun playing with it and won't be able to stop throwing loose change into it. In fact, you could try telling them that it is locked and there is no way to open it up and they have to leave it in there when they leave.

This is a simple to setup coin bank with only 3 pieces. The box includes:

  • Clear Plastic top funnel
  • Clear Plastic bottom base funnel
  • Plastic ramp that snaps on easily
Have fun saving money and seeing how much you have collected through the clear plastic base.


 Vortex Bank 2 Demonstration Video


Where to Buy the Nifty Vortex Coin Piggy Bank 

A great place to buy this exact Vortex Coin bank is from Vat19 here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a small commission if you clicked then bought something. Thank you.)

Last I checked, the cheapest place to get these is from good old Amazon. Check the current price on Amazon here. (This is also an affiliate link)

Other Cool Coin Banks You Might Enjoy

Digital Coin Counting Jar with LCD Display

 digital coin sorting piggy bank lcd display

The digital lid does most of the work and you can add cash and adjust it manually. 

It counts and tracks the money with every coin that you add.

These are surprisingly inexpensive. Check the current price of them on Amazon here.


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