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Wall Mounted Desk

A wall mounted desk is a great space saver. Wall mounted computer desks are available in many different styles and designs.

As for the wall mounted desk you see in the picture above, this is the designer floating desk.

The shelving unit you see "floating" above the desk is not included as a set, but you can purchase it together if you want it.

This particular wall mount desk setup is available in different colors as well. This desk is designed for easy storage and management of wires and power bars in a neat and tidy hidden manner. 

wall mounted desk

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The main obvious benefit to any of these wall mounted desks is space saving. When your desk is "floating" you lose the legs that get in the way. Offered in different styles and colors. Positive customer reviews that you can read for yourself. Designed for easy management of cords and power bars etc.

Most reviews are positive, but a few mentioned the difficulty of setting it up. Read all reviews good and bad through product links on this page.

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