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Wasgij Reverse Puzzles

The Wasgij reverse jigsaw puzzle is a simple concept, hard to explain, and tricky to do. Make sense?

In case you didn’t already notice, the word “wasgij” is actually the word “jigsaw” spelled backwards. There is a reason for that. When you receive your puzzle, you will find an image on the front of the box. Just like every other puzzle known to man. So far, nothing special.

wasgij reverse puzzles

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However, the puzzle pieces you will be putting together, will not be of the image on the box. You will be piecing together a puzzle of an image that is based on the point of view of the image on the box. For example, if the wasgij puzzle was based on me sitting at my computer, it would go something like this:

The image on the box might be a picture of my dumb smiling face. Instead of the puzzle being a photo of me, you would be putting together a puzzle of my computer, since the computer is the thing I am looking at. Clear as mud? Good!

Two variations of the puzzle are available through “High Tide” and “Ride Like the Wind”. Both are 1000 piece puzzles.

wasgij destiny time travel

This one is the Destiny time travel of the Wasgij series. The basis of this 1000 piece puzzle is to see the future of the people and technology sown here. The image on the box depicts a scene of old technology, and your job is to create the puzzle that reflects the destiny of the things shown.

Click the image of the box for more details on this one, or to browse through a wide selection of Wasgij puzzles.

wasgij destiny road trip

This is another example of a Wasgij 1000 piece puzzle from the Destiny series. This one is the Wasgij destiny road trip from Ravensburger.

Again, this is another puzzle that requires you to look into your crystal ball and figure out the destiny and fate of the people and things depicted in the image on the puzzle's box. Click the image of this box for more details on this one and others.

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