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Waterproof Headphones

The Waterproof Headphones with the Waterproof mp3 player, and Waterproof Carrying case will allow for underwater audio swimming.

You can place the waterproof mp3 player inside the waterproof carrying case, and place the waterproof headphones on, and DIVE IN!

With no worries about water damage to the earbuds or to the mp3 player. The iSwim Waterproof mp3 player comes with waterproof earbuds (waterproof headphones).

waterproof headphones

check price of the waterproof headphones here.

The Waterproof mp3 player is a 32GB mp3 player. Great for swimming (underwater audio), kayaking, spas, showers, and any other water related thing you can think of.

Perhaps even some hurricanes! Give that a try and let me know how it goes.

marine sport waterproof earbuds

These ones are called the Marine Sport waterproof in ear earbud stereo headphones. I personally like this style because I don't do well with regular earbuds.

I have a hard time keeping them in my ears. I like headphones like this with the hook to go around the entire ear. These are made out of waterproof materials which makes it water proof assuming you have a waterproof device to go along with it.

This particular set comes with a 4 foot wire which is plenty long enough for most sporting usages. The own shown here is all black, but you can also get the exact same set in all white. Click the image of these waterproof earbuds for a lot more specifications and product review comments. audio flood waterproof ipod shuffle earbuds

I plan on buying one of these in the very near future and I just can't wait. This is a highly rated product so it must work according to many people.

This is a waterproof version of the ipod shuffle including the waterproof earbuds. They call this the Audio Flood waterproof ipod shuffle kit.

Find everything you need to know about this product and how to buy it securely online from this source by clicking the image of the shuffle seen here.

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