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Waterproof Wallet

A waterproof wallet can be handy in a wide variety of wet situations. You can get packs and pouches like this first one, or you can invest in a high quality, actual wallet like the ones discussed below.

Pouches are great for temporary use for certain situations, like camping or going to the beach, and they don't cost a bunch of money. But if you are an outdoorsy type of person, or you are the clumsy one in your group of friends who always spills beer, or ends up sitting in something wet, then I suggest an actual waterproof wallet.

Waterproof Dry Pak Sleeves

waterproof wallet

check price of the waterproof wallets here.

The Waterproof Wallet is made by a variety of brands and come in different styles and sizes. You can also find waterproof cell phone cases which are a similar concept. Browse all waterproof wallets here.

The waterproof wallet depicted here is among the highest of ratings customer review wise, but of course you can click through and browse other versions and decide for yourself. This waterproof wallet is the DRY PAK DP-44 Alligator Wallet. Safely keeps all of your wallet stuff inside the waterproof pack and you can wear it around your neck. You can also tighten it around your ankle, or wrist. Great idea for storing your wallet contents or small electronics while you snorkel or go boating. The DRY PAK waterproof wallet snaps tightly shut with special clips.


Does what is advertised. Keeps everything nice and dry even under water. Great for boating, or when you are on vacation and don’t know what to do with your cash or hotel room key when enjoying water related activities.


The only thing that stands out that I could find from customer reviews, is the cardboard insert that comes inside the pack for shipping purposes. You have to be very careful about removing the cardboard when you first buy it brand new so you do not rip the wallet. One person reported that you can bend the cardboard while it is still inside the waterproof wallet, then remove it carefully.

My Conclusion: If you or someone you know enjoys boating or any other water related activity, this would make for a really cool gift idea. The price is reasonably low as well, so you could buy one as a gift, and one for yourself.

Waterproof Wallet

in my opinion, this is the best waterproof wallet on Amazon. Not sure about anywhere else online, I'm still looking. For one thing, it's actually a wallet, not some cheap plastic pouch.

This wallet is leather, and also stain resistant. It's not a large capacity wallet, it's mostly just for the basics, like cards and ID and a bit of cash.

It has an ID window, and plenty of pockets.

The coolest thing though, is it has RFID blocking, which is pretty much a necessity these days.

check it out here...


Well like I said, it's an actual wallet. You can take it pretty much anywhere like your regular wallet...because it's your regular wallet. No need to bring some other goofy thing with you and remember to put all your valuables into it.

RFID blocking is a great feature that you will see more and more standard with all wallets now and into the future.


While this one has a "sleek" design, it also means it's rather thin and is limited in it's capacity. Maybe that's fine for you, but man do I have a lot of junk i carry around with me in my fat wallet. Not cash unfortunately.

Waterproof Travel Pouches

aqua quest continental waterproof wallet

This one is called the Aqua Quest Continental waterproof wallet travel pouch. You can wear it on your hip and many other ways.

I don't consider this an either or type of thing where you have to decide between this pouch or the above discussed leather wallet. You could have both and use your leather one for normal day to day use, and use this one specifically for outdoors and so on. Just remember to switch over your belongings.

Click the image of this black wallet for a lot more specifications on this wallet and to browse through a whole bunch other similar ones.

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