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Weener Cleaner Soap Gag Gift

Weener Cleaner Soap for extra thorough cleansing in the shower. No, not that kind of weener, get your head out of the gutter, no wait, it does mean that! Ok everybody, come back into the gutter with me.

This is a one size fits "most men" device for cleaning your manhood. A couple strokes of the soap ring will do the trick, but don't be afraid to give a few extra to be sure. As the box eludes to, this is good clean fun for couples.

It is also great as a gag gift of some kind. Use your imagination.


check price of the weener cleaner here.

Willy Warmer

Once you have cleaned your weener, you may need to warm up that willy with the Willy Warmer. The heater for your peter.
willy warmer red

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