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What are Whiskey Stones

The perfect solution for having whiskey on the rocks, without watering it down with real ice cubes.

Whiskey Stones are cubes of soapstone that you place in the freezer for a few hours then add to your drink. They are called “whiskey stones” but really, you could use them in any beverage of your choice.

They are only called “whiskey” stones, because apparently the dude that invented them loved his whiskey and made them for that purpose.

whiskey stones

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The three main advantages of the whiskey stones, are:

1. They last a lot longer than real ice cubes. Ice cubes will last for a little while as they melt. Whereas the whiskey cubes will last approximately forever! It’s a no brainer there.

2. Whiskey Stones don’t melt down and add extra water to your drink, thus watering it down and making it disgusting.

3. Unlike ice cubes, they are nonporous. This means that real ice cubes will absorb all the stink from your refrigerator or freezer, just like the box of baking soda you have in there. Gross! The whiskey stones on the other hand, do not do that.

Whiskey Stones don’t stink, and they don’t add any nasty flavoring to your beverage. They are odorless and tasteless. Each order comes with 9 cubes and a muslin bag. You place the cubes into the bag for storage, and for freezing. Approved by the FDA. Perfectly safe and healthy. Will not scratch your glasses.

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These Whiskey Stones comes with the following items:
9 Whiskey Stones. (recommended that you use 3 per drink). This gives you enough for 3 drinks, or keep extras in rotation in the freezer. 1 Muslin Bag for storing and freezing your cubes.

scotch rocks whisky rocks

This here is pretty much the exact same concept as the whiskey stones shown and discussed above. The only difference is that this is a competing brand. They call these ones the Scotch Rocks.

This is a set of 9, but they also have other available quantities. This set also comes with a muzzin to carry them in, and to hold them when you place them in the freezer.

These are soapstone cubes much like the whiskey stones. Click the image of these Scotch rocks seen here for a lot more details and to get them online today.

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