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Zombie Jerky Apocalypse Beef Jerky

Ewww....I mean Yum! No wait...ewww! I can’t decide. Zombie Jerky from a company named Harcos, went through a heroic and senseless battle with the USDA to bring us this edible weird product. Interesting Fact: Zombie Jerky was originally sold in Japan as blue jerky. Harco made the correct decision to bring it to the U.S. as green jerky. This makes more sense as Zombie “blood”.

These are simply just packs of teriyaki flavored jerky that is made to look like some disgusting green meat, even though it is just as yummy as any standard jerky.

zombie jerky

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More Zombie Jerky!

dried zombie skin

They call this dried Zombie skin. It is basically just dried seaweed, which is a crunchy and salty vegan treat.

See more details about this product and browse through a variety of other similar edible zombie products by clicking the image of this package shown here.

You will also be able to read through insightful customer feedback comments by people who have experience ordering these and tasting them.  

crusty zombie toenails

This one is called Crusty Zombie Toenails. This proves that you can now eat pretty much every part of the Zombie these days.

Perhaps that is a good thing, as it is best to eat them before they bite you. These toenails are basically just a crunchy sesame stick.

I am not sure what that is exactly, but they are apparently perfectly safe for human consumption.

See more specific details about these and other similar zombie snacks by clicking the image of the package you see here.

zombie apocalypse survival kit

If you have a hard time choosing between various zombie snacks available from this source, you could get a variety pack like the one you see here.

It includes the dried zombie skin, the zombie jerky, zombie blood, and zombie foaming candy vials. See more information about these or browse through many others by clicking the image you see here.

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