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Computer Keyboard Waffle Iron

For those who love their computer so much they can’t leave it for very long, even for a quick breakfast. I think I just described myself.  If I also described you, then join me in my geek-dom. Maybe we should have breakfast together. Be sure to not confuse your breakfast with your real computer keyboard and pour syrup all over it. Computer keyboards are not fun to clean, trust me. I had to clean my roommate's keyboard after spilling beer on his at a house party once. But enough about me and my drunken mishaps...let's get back to this waffle iron that looks like a computer keyboard. Put a roll beside it and pretend it's the mouse. Where Can I Buy...

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Aqua Notes Waterproof Shower Notepad

Do you do most of your best thinking in the shower? Never forget a great idea again. Hang this notepad in the shower with suction cups, and write and erase in the water with no problems. Also great for wet working environments where your paper keeps getting wet and soggy. Suction cup this notepad to the walls in your shower and never let good ideas go down the drain ever again.  There's a few good places to buy these, but a cool site I like to buy from is vat19. Get them here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you clicked through and bought something at no extra cost to you. Thanks.)  

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Beer Bottle Cap Launcher - Bottle opener that Also Shoots Bottle Caps

Surprisingly, your friends don't think you are too annoying yet. Push them over the edge with these bottle cap launchers. Aim for the most sensitive areas of the body and fire away. It's a beer bottle opener as well as a bottle cap gun. I guess it doesn't have to be beer necessarily, but you get the idea. These are simplistic keychain devices that are not complex at all. You literally just use the hole as a bottle cap opener, then press the button to launch the cap. It's a small keychain that fits in your pocket, so you will always have it at the ready when you need it. I've always said it's better to armed and not need...

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Nifty Vortex Bank 2 - Centrifugal Force Spinning Coin Piggy Bank (Demo and Where to Buy)

Bring the fun of those swirly donation coin things to your own home. Play with it over and over again. But don't stop donating to charity though. Your friends will also have fun playing with it and won't be able to stop throwing loose change into it. In fact, you could try telling them that it is locked and there is no way to open it up and they have to leave it in there when they leave. This is a simple to setup coin bank with only 3 pieces. The box includes: Clear Plastic top funnel Clear Plastic bottom base funnel Plastic ramp that snaps on easily Have fun saving money and seeing how much you have collected through...

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Giant Gummy Octopus

You've all seen the giant gummy bears and gummy snakes around the inter-webs by now, but I bet you haven't seen this. A giant gummy octopus. The only seafood I would actually consider eating. More details here...

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