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Beer Belly Fanny Pack - (Fat Hairy Belly to Store Things)

Hide your real beer belly with this fake one. If your going to have a keg belly you might as well have some fun with it. Perfect gift for dad. It's a fake beer belly printed on a pouch with a zipper for storage. Not much to say really. It clips around your giant gut...I mean "waist", and it's waterproof. What Does the Beer Belly Fanny Pack Cost? Last I checked, they only cost around $15 USD. You can check the current price on Amazon here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would make a tiny commission if you clicked on it and bought something on Amazon, at no extra cost to you. Thank You!) Other Beer Belly Fanny...

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Frog Potty Training Urinal with target

This is the Foryee brand of urinals for potty training boys. It helps to not only potty train in general, but encourage the development of the good old aiming techniques. You have heard of the Cheerios in the toilet trick, but it is way more fun to make the orange spinner thing spin. It simply suction cups to the wall at whatever height you require, and let the fun begin. The bowl is a removable piece for easy cleaning. Recommended for ages 1 to 6. There is a brownish version, a yellow and orange one, as well as a blue version. The customer reviews are largely positive, but of course not perfect. You can read through those for a better...

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handicorn Unicorn Hand Puppet and Handitaur

This is the free market at work here people. Simple supply and demand. The world had a need for a way to transform your hand into a unicorn, and finally, someone stepped up to the plate and filled that need. This is a five piece hand puppet set that includes the four hooved legs, and the unicorn head with an expression on his face that indicates even he is surprised he exists. If the unicorn is not your style, or you want to get him (or her?) some friends, you can also get the Handi-horse, or the Handi-taur, which is like the horse but the head is a half man figure. Collect them all and have pen and pencil jousts (somehow) with...

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Gin and Titonic - Titanic Ice Cubes Tray and Iceberg Ice Molds - Titanic Chocolate Molds

Break the ice at your next party. What?! Too soon? The Gin and Titonic - Titanic Ice Cubes Tray is a very creative mold. It allows you to freeze four Titanic Ice Cubes at a time, as well as four “icebergs”. Another weird product from the “Fred” company. Titanic Ice Cubes are designed with extra weight on one end, thus creating the sinking angle of the ship. The Titanic Ice Cubes Tray is silicone, which makes it flexible and “bendy”, allowing for relatively easy removal of the ice cubes without breaking them (yes, I get the irony of that).   This beats those old fashioned ice cube trays that you would have to twist until the ice cubes would either...

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