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Giant Balloons

Out of the many Giant Balloons available, I picked out the one you see here, due to the customer reviews. However, many others can be found through the links on this page. The one are seeing here, is the Professional Quality 8' Diameter Latex Weather Balloon. Burst 12'4", 300 Grams Average Weight. Basically, if you blow it up full, it will be more than twice the height of the average man. Read More About it or Buy it Here.   Giant Balloons of varying sizes and colors are available. See all options by clicking through the following link: Browse all Giant Balloons here.   Great for parties. Solid positive customer reviews. Depending on your use for these huge balloons, it may be...

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Jumping Castles

Bring the amusement park home to your backyard with a variety of different jumping castles and other inflatable bouncy structures and slides.   Take a look at the many different available styles through the following link: Browse all jumping castles here. As usual, I have chosen the relevant product to feature by finding the best rated one of the bunch. In the case of Jumping Castles, the one you see here is the Bounceland Castle with Hoop and slide. Tons of great customer feedback for you to read through by clicking through the links on this page. Read More About it or Buy it Here. Obviously a blast for both parents and kids alike. Relatively easy to setup. Read more...

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Batman Chess Set and Batman Chess Pieces

Novelty themed chess sets are a cool gift idea. Combining two hobbies in one shot lets them know you really know them and you care. If they are in to chess and Batman, then obviously Batman chess sets are a great idea.  You can get the board itself as a Batman theme, or get the Batman themed chess pieces. The supply of Batman Chess Set options may be limited, but you can get not only the board, but also individual Batman chess pieces. Browse all Batman boards and pieces through this following link: Browse all Batman Chess boards and pieces here. The Batman Chess Set shown here is the DC Chess Figure & Collector Magazine Chess Board. Read More About...

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Marble Chess Set

Perhaps a Marble Chess Set is not the weirdest thing that could be on a weird products site, but but I believe any chess set is a thing of beauty, so I am adding this product here. This particular Marble Chess Set shown here, is a black and white chess board: Read More About it or Buy it Here. Luxurious look, and as of the writing of this paragraph, it has a perfect customer review rating. Perhaps that will be different by the time you read this. Honestly, I can’t come up with anything negative to say, but as a chess lover, I am biased and I love the look of this set. Read all product descriptions carefully to make...

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Finger Drums

Finger Drums are the perfect cure for your fidgeting habits around the office. These desktop drum kits come in two colors. Purple or Red. The finger drums are electronic and respond to the tapping of your fingers to play back the associated sound.   What Do These Buttons Mean?   Real Desktop Finger Drums     The kit includes: Large tom tom, small tom tom, snare drum, bass drum, and cymbal. Finger Drums are set up with a few different settings. You can just play freestyle. You can record your drum playing skills and play them back. There is also a demo setting that will show you how it’s done. This small drum set toy is called Finger Beats. You...

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