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Rainbow in my Room

The Rainbow in my Room bedroom light toy by the Uncle Milton brand, will give you the illusion that a rainstorm has just recently finished in your room, and all that is left is a perfect rainbow. The rainbow is projected towards the wall or any surface, and you can adjust the size of the rainbow by moving the base around. It uses LED lights and is easily activated with a simple button.   Very easily operated by young children. These are battery operated with the option of using AC power with a power outlet. The rainbow will display on the walls and the ceiling. This product has plenty of positive customer reviews and ratings. You can read them all...

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DIY Ukulele Kit

All you need for tools is a drill for a couple pilot holes, a Phillips screwdriver and some wood glue. A clamp is recommended not needed, to hold some parts together for drying the glue.  The Ukulele parts come as unfinished wood, so you have the option to style it any way you wish. You can paint it, stain it, stick stickers to it, or just leave it alone. The DIY ukulele kit you see here is only one type available. Check out all homemade ukulele kits through the following link: Browse all DIY Ukulele Kits here. As for the example you see here this DIY ukulele kit comes with everything you need to build a Ukulele at home. Why...

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Wasgij Reverse Puzzles

The Wasgij reverse jigsaw puzzle is a simple concept, hard to explain, and tricky to do. Make sense? In case you didn’t already notice, the word “wasgij” is actually the word “jigsaw” spelled backwards. There is a reason for that. When you receive your puzzle, you will find an image on the front of the box. Just like every other puzzle known to man. So far, nothing special.   However, the puzzle pieces you will be putting together, will not be of the image on the box. You will be piecing together a puzzle of an image that is based on the point of view of the image on the box. For example, if the wasgij puzzle was based on...

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Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzles

This is another one of those categories where I couldn’t pick just one item to describe. The Hanayama Cast Puzzle aka metal Puzzles, come in so many unique forms. Hanayama is a toy company in Japan founded in 1972. They have created many of these cast puzzle games. The idea is to figure out how to disassemble the piece, then try to reassemble it. I will be describing a few of the cast metal puzzles I found to be the weirdest or coolest. In my family, jigsaw puzzles are usually very popular at holiday gatherings, but I think I might be shaking things up a bit this year with these cast metal puzzles, as well as wire puzzles, and yes, even chocolate...

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Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Tables

Perhaps you didn’t know they were called Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game Tables, but you know exactly what they are. Ok, I admit it, I am cheating just a tiny bit here. This site is dedicated to weird products and unique gift ideas. It might be a stretch that these Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Game tables are weird or unique, given they have been around forever. I wanted to feature Super Chexx products here because I came across them the other day, and I kinda miss them. I remember them being in every bar in my area, and now they almost seem extinct. If you are a bar or business owner of any kind, and you have the space for...

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