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Portable Ping Pong Table Top Kit

Portable Ping Pong allows you to bring your table tennis game anywhere. This portable table tennis kit from Pongo, sets up in 10 seconds and packs up just a quickly and tightly. The Portable Ping Pong net stretches out as far as you need it to, up to 65 inches (Over 5 feet). The net is wound up on a spool inside the “posts” of the net. You can set the length for a smaller surface, or a wider one. The net on the portable ping pong set is kept nice and tight by the winding mechanism inside the posts. The posts are weighted to hold the net firmly in place. The weighted posts also have a non-slip/non-skid padding under...

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Candy Lips

Candy Lips have been around for a long time and are now made in different ways by different brands. The Candy Lips shown here are just examples of what is available.    The Candy Lips example shown here are the Motor Mouth Red Candy Wax Lips. This is a 12 pack of the lips. These are considered to be an edible toy.  The exact candy lips from the 70s. Many other types are available besides this one.  Just like any edible item, everyone has different taste preferences. Most people have reported that these taste great, but there are others who felt that these particular candy lips tasted and smelled bad.  These are Gimbals's sour pucker-up gummy lips. These are from...

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Sugar Free Candy

You can get Sugar Free Candy of all kinds, regardless of your reasons. Be it diabetic, low carb dieting, or whatever. If I was to list all the available sugar free candy options here on this page, it would take me a very long time, so you can simply browse through all the candy options on your own. Browse All Available Sugar Free Candy here.   The image on up above is one example of a common candy that has a sugarless version. They make lifesavers in a sugar free form. Mainly, I chose that one because of the tremendous amount of excellent customer reviews, but there are tons of options. These are the very famous and popular Werther's Original caramel...

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