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Toxic Waste Candy

The Toxic Waste Candy you see here are individually wrapped bulk packs of the sour candy. Great for parties or to use as Halloween candy. Read More About Them or Buy Them Here! Pros: Good customer reviews for you to read through. Very sour if sour is the thing you enjoy in a candy. Many different versions of this candy all available from this same source. Cons: While it does ship internationally in some cases, you may be located somewhere where it’s not available. Click the links on this page to get to the details page and find out. This version of the same Toxic Waste candy comes in plastic drums like you see here. You would be getting a...

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Sugar Free Candy

You can get Sugar Free Candy of all kinds, regardless of your reasons. Be it diabetic, low carb dieting, or whatever. If I was to list all the available sugar free candy options here on this page, it would take me a very long time, so you can simply browse through all the candy options on your own. Browse All Available Sugar Free Candy here. The image on up above is one example of a common candy that has a sugarless version. They make lifesavers in a sugar free form. Mainly, I chose that one because of the tremendous amount of excellent customer reviews, but there are tons of options. These are the very famous and popular Werther's Original caramel...

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Bottle Cap Tripod

Never be without a tripod ever again. The bottle cap tripod fits over the lid of most bottles. Some people may ask what the point of this is, and why not just bring a small tripod. I would suggest that one good reason would be the saving of space. If you are packing to go somewhere and you, chances are you will have a drink of some sort with you anyway, and this way you eliminate the tripod from the equation, which means one less item to pack, and thus less space used. I actually own one of these myself. I have the green version. The black part of the tripod that connects to the bottle cap does not screw...

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