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Christie Peek Freans: Where to Buy in the U.S.?

Peek Freans seems like it's been around for ages. But recently, the company has become popular in North America, and this is not hard to figure out why! Peek Freans Fruit Crème are the perfect snack to have with tea and coffee, or use them in a cookie recipe. And with such a solid Canadian quota, you can be sure your not only supporting our neighbors to the North, but that we're also giving back to those much closer to home.

The only question left now is where can I get my hands on these tasty treats?

If you are in Canada, you can get them pretty much anywhere.

In the United States, the best, most reliable option to buy Christie Peek Freans Cookies and Biscuits is from Many hard working entrepreneurs make a hobby of buying products like Peek Freans cookies and other groceries, and shipping them into Amazon Warehouses in the United States. Yes, you will have to pay a bit more for the labor and time, but the reliability, consistency and convenience may be worth it. 

Pro Tip: Buy in multipacks and bundles to save money. Never buy 1 measly box by itself. The markup would be way too much to buy 1 at a time.

1. Peek Freans Fruit Crème 2 Pack of 300g/10.6oz {Imported from Canada}



2. Peek Freans Cookies Bundle of 2 Flavor Packs Original Fruit Creme and Unique Assorted Creme Biscuits (2 Boxes Total)



3. Peek Freans Shortcake Biscuits/Cookies, 350g/10.6 oz., 2-Pack {Imported from Canada}


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