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Adjustable Burrito Swaddle for Newborn Babies
Adjustable Burrito Swaddle for Newborn Babies
Adjustable Burrito Swaddle for Newborn Babies
Adjustable Burrito Swaddle for Newborn Babies

Adjustable Burrito Swaddle for Newborn Babies

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Not your Typical Burrito Swaddle. This One Has Velcro.

You've seen the burrito swaddle (burrito blanket for babies), and you have seen Velcro adjustable baby swaddles, but now the two ideas are combined. 

  • Baby Burrito Blanket Swaddle for Newborn Babies 7-14 Lbs
  • %100 Breathable Cotton Material
  • Soft and Thin Material with Strong Velcro
  • "Scratch Free" Safe for Baby's Skin Velcro
  • You've seen burrito blanket swaddles, but babies simply wriggle free from those. This one is Velcro adjustable with a tiny bit of stretch (not much, but just enough).
  • Machine wash cold, and dry on low heat

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a button to send me to Amazon?

This Adjustable Baby Burrito Swaddle is a "Weird Products" original exclusive product. That's fancy talk for "I made this. It was my idea".

At the moment, I am the only one selling this exact product, so if you go to Amazon or any other place that sells it, chances are, you are buying it from me anyway. 

When you buy it from this site (, I am able to avoid paying Amazon fees, and can pass some of those savings on to you.

It will always be lower cost when you buy here. Though I understand some people have their reasons for choosing Amazon instead.

What do you mean by a "slight stretch"?

It's not much of a stretch, it's very slight, but just enough to notice it and give that added touch of comfort.

Does it come with a hat?

No, it does not have a hat or beanie. I might develop that as a bonus feature later, but when researching other similar products that came with a hat or beanie, I found there were tons of negative reviews stating that the fit was all wrong.

With babies varying in sizes, it's hard to get a reliable one sized fits all thing. Swaddles have a little more leeway in general when it comes to sizing.

Does it come in other sizes?

No. I had the option to manufacture a larger size for older babies but I chose not to.

It seems the sweet spot for swaddling age is the first several months or so in most cases, so the newborn size seemed like it would be the most common size.

I welcome any feedback on this or anything else you may have in mind.

Where do these ship from, and what can you tell me about transit?

If you order from this site (, and you live in the USA, they will usually be delivered from my partnership warehouse in New Jersey, using standard shipping through USPS or UPS.

If you are ordering from Canada, they will likely be delivered by me personally (I live in Canada) via Canada Post or UPS standard delivery.

*On rare occasions, if stock levels are low, it may be fulfilled via Amazon.

If you are ordering from Amazon or any other platform, then delivery rates and procedures will be case dependent and you will be informed at checkout.

You will always receive tracking information.

If you have any questions at all,

please contact me with this form here.

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