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Cat Toilet Trainer System
Cat Toilet Trainer System
Cat Toilet Trainer System
Cat Toilet Trainer System

Cat Toilet Trainer System

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No more messy and gross scoops and litter boxes

  • Progressively Potty Train Your Cat in 2-7 Weeks
  • Fits Over Most Typical Sized Toilet Seats
  • No More Messing Around with Litter boxes
  • Your Friends will Wonder How You Did it and Refer to You as the "Cat Whisperer"

It's time for your furry roommates to take care of their own business for a change. We love almost everything about them...just not THAT part. 

Sure, it may be a bit strange at first, but consider it an investment! Think of the time wasted on gross scooping, and the money you will save on kitty litter. 

Free Shipping in North America. Ships from the United States and arrives in 4-13 Days if you order today! 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Limited Time FREE Offer! 


If you order today, I will include this FREE 9 Hole Cat Tunnel that comes with a ball and a mouse. 

After all that hard work learning how to use the regular toilet like us fancy humans, kitty deserves some play time. Hours of simple & compact fun.

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free giveaway of 9 hole tunnel cat toy with ball and mouse to compliment the cat toilet training system.

Knock Another $5 Off!

Want it for another $5 cheaper? Simply come back to this page and post an honest review with an image of the cat toilet trainer, or your cat using the cat toilet trainer, then contact me here.  I will refund you $5 from your order.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it bad to flush kitty litter down the toilet?

Yes. You should not flush kitty litter down the toilet. However, you can purchase special flush-able kitty litter for the purposes of this training session. 

Even though this special kitty litter is deemed to be "flush-able", that doesn't mean you should go ahead and dump it all into the toilet.

Use special flushable kitty litter for the use of this training system, but dispose of it in the ways you normally would.

The fact that it is "flushable" is just in case a small amount happens to get into the toilet, and this should be fine.

Can My Cat Fall into the Toilet? Will it Break? 

Unless you have an unusually large cat, your cat will be just fine. These are made of good durable materials that will hold up no problem.

What if I Have to Use the Toilet Myself?

These training devices come off easy and can be set aside. Is that a pain in the behind? Yes. But keep in mind, this is only temporary. Once your kitty is toilet trained, it will be worth it.

You can share a toilet with your cat, but these are even more ideal for those of you who have a second bathroom. Designate one bathroom to be the cat bathroom, and you won't have to share.

Have I Seen This a Bit Cheaper on Amazon?

Probably. Most of the other places that sell something like this, like Amazon, have sellers drop shipping from China, which takes 1 or 2 months to get to you, if it even shows up at all. 

I was able to find a good source that can get it to you in 4-13 Days or else it’s free! 

Unfortunately  though, this means I have to charge a bit more to ship it faster. But it will all be worth it in the end!


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