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Funny Floating Poop Pool Thermometer
Funny Floating Poop Pool Thermometer
Funny Floating Poop Pool Thermometer

Funny Floating Poop Pool Thermometer

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Currently out of stock in warehouse but you can Buy a Funny Poop Pool Thermometer Here(This is an affiliate link, which means if you click it and buy something, I would receive a small profit at no extra cost to you. Thank you.)


  • Funny Poop Pool Thermometer that reads in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Looks like a real floating poop at first glance. Great floating poop prank.
  • Works in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds etc
  • Has a string to attach to something so you can easily grab it out of the pool to check the temperature

Frequently Asked Questions About the Funny Poop Pool Thermometer 

What does it mean when you say it's a "Weird Products Exclusive"?

This Poop Pool Thermometer is a Exclusive product. That's fancy talk for, "This was my idea, and I invested a lot of money and time to have this created." 

Currently, I am the only one selling this exact product (until the copy cats jump on board).

 Does it actually float properly?

Yes. In fact, unlike many of the other funny floating pool thermometers you have seen, as awesome as they are, many of them struggle to float correctly due to imbalances. If they have a funny character or design, the weight distribution can be off a little bit.

With a mostly symmetrical piece of poo, it's almost as though Mother Nature designed it for this exact purpose.

Does it smell like what it looks like it should smell like?

No. The only things that stink, are people without a sense of humor.

What if I get one that doesn't work or was broken in transit?

Out of the thousands of Poop Pool Thermometers we have sold so far, as a percentage, the number that are reported defective or damaged are close to zero. This means, it is extremely rare.

However, in all honesty, that doesn't mean it's never. Things happen. 

We guarantee these will work straight of the package. If you have any issues at any time, please contact me using the contact form here. 

We will make it right, one way or another!

Where do these ship from, and what can you tell me about transit?

If you order from this site (, and you live in the USA, they will usually be delivered from my partnership warehouse in New Jersey, using standard shipping through USPS or UPS.

If you are ordering from Canada, they will likely be delivered by me personally (I live in Canada) via Canada Post or UPS standard delivery.

*On rare occasions, if stock levels are low, it may be fulfilled via Amazon.

If you are ordering from Amazon or any other platform, then delivery rates and procedures will be case dependent and you will be informed at checkout.

You will always receive tracking information.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me with this form here.



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