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Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes - Musical Toothbrush That Plays Music

Arm and Hammer Tooth Tunes are a line of singing musical toothbrushes. It's a good idea to promote longer and more quality tooth brushing and general oral hygiene. 

There is a hole bunch of different songs to choose from from a wide variety of musical artists and genres. 

You've probably already noticed, but it's getting harder and harder to find the actual Tooth Tunes line of toothbrushes these days, so we will talk about those as well as other competing similar products that are just as fun.

tooth tunes musical toothbrushes that play music

Where Can I Buy Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrushes?

The best place to sort through all the currently available Tooth Tunes is on this Amazon page here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would get a tiny commission if you clicked on it and bought something, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

Big box stores like Target and Walmart have pages for them on their website, but they all seem to be "out of stock" or "discontinued".

If you know the exact Tooth Tunes Toothbrush you want, you can try searching for it on Ebay.

But first, let's answer a couple common questions with regard to the use and safety of these devices?

Are Tooth Tunes Musical Toothbrushes safe?

I am yet to hear of someone dancing around with the toothbrush in their mouth and slipping, hitting their head on the toilet and choking to death on the bristles, so it's probably relatively safe.

Also, so far no reports of record producers breaking down the bathroom door, chucking it into the toilet and demanding royalties.

But seriously though, the mechanics and electrical workings of these musical toothbrushes are not much different than the electric toothbrushes that rotate and vibrate, and those have been on the market for years. In fact, I have had dentists try to upsell electric toothbrushes to me (I wonder if they get a commission).

Children's Musical Toothbrushes

Brite Brush Music and Games Toothbrushes

Baby Shark Music and Games Toothbrush

baby shark toothbrush

The Baby Shark Toothbrush is interactive as you need to brush properly to activate the song. This encourages proper brushing. 

 Last I checked, it was somewhat pricey on Amazon, but not too bad. Check the current price here. (This is an affiliate link, which means I would get a tiny commission if you clicked on it and bought something, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!)

Here is a demonstration video of both the Baby Shark musical toothbrush and other interactive kids toothbrushes from a toy fair.

Of course my first reaction is to disregard this whole thing as a bunch of unnecessary nonsense, which in general, it is. But you know what? The kids seem to enjoy it, and if you are going to get them something fun to play with (especially as a stocking stuffer), it might as well be something that promotes healthy habits.

It's easy to insert the age old line of "back in my day, we didn't need this thing!", but back in many people's day, a lot of people got polio. My point is...well I'm not sure exactly what my point is...but I guess I'm just saying, let the kids have some darn fun before they grow up and have more responsibilities.



Tooth Tunes You Can Still Buy

You pretty much have to go to ebay here to find actual Tooth Tunes. I wish there was a better way. I used to have Tooth Tunes information on this age, but I have had to update this recently. Sorry. 

The good news is you might still be able to find your favorite. The bad news is it might be expensive.



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