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Tooth Tunes - Bruno Mars "Just the way you are" - Toothbrush

tooth tunes bruno mars Get it here Tooth Tunes are a line of singing musical toothbrushes. This one is the Bruno Mars "Just the way you are" version. There are many others such as: Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feelin'", "Gangnam Style", as well as several different One Direction songs, and many others. They tend to play for around 2 minutes, which I believe is also the recommended amount of time for brushing your teeth. More Details... It's a good idea to promote longer and more quality tooth brushing and general oral hygiene. Most people seem generally happy with it, but some complaints include the non replaceable battery and the somewhat lower quality of the sound of the music in general. I am yet to hear of someone dancing around with the toothbrush in their mouth and slipping, hitting their head on the toilet and choking to death on the bristles, so it's probably relatively safe. Also, so far no reports of record producers breaking down the bathroom door, chucking it into the toilet and demanding royalties.

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